The Resurrection of Spaldings!!!

UPDATE — They’re open!

Great news on the front page of today’s paper!! Spalding’s Bakery is going to re-open next spring. As I’ve said before, if you haven’t had a Spalding’s doughnut, you won’t understand.

I ate a Krispy Kreme doughnut recently. It was a real disappointment. Krispy Kreme is like Maker’s Mark Bourbon, a well-marketed brand popular among pseudo-connoisseurs who have never tasted the really good stuff.

The move to a new location is a little disappointing, partly because it’s a little farther off my beaten path, and partly because the new location just won’t have the same atmosphere. On the plus side, it may indicate a move towards a more business-like schedule, rather than a few days/week, from 7:30 till they run out (usually before 10:00). In spite of the changed atmosphere, I’m optimistic that the doughnut quality will remain the same. One more reason to look forward to Spring.

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  1. I am the grand daughter of Mr. Spalding. Having been fed these delectable doughnuts since birth it was nothing less than devistating to find out that these doughnuts would no longer be available to me. I actually dream about Papaws doughnuts at times. So imagine my joy when I heard that my cousin Martha will be carrying on the long family tradition. I am anxiously awaiting the opening of the new bakery and am very much looking forward to making the long journey to Lexington to get my fix of the famous family legacy. Hooray for Martha!!!

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