Ice Storm Diary – 2009

Kentucky, and other states, were hit by a severe ice storm January 26-28. Electricity is out in Tatertown, and probably will be for over a week. I’ll report some random observations here as I can. In an effort to conserve laptop batteries, I won’t be online much, and I won’t even be able to type… Continue reading Ice Storm Diary – 2009

Dogless in Tatertown

For a week which started out with so much hope and optimism, it sure had a crappy ending. Friday was the first nice day we’ve had in weeks, and probably the last we’ll see for a while. It was a great afternoon to be outdoors. I just wish I didn’t have to spend it digging… Continue reading Dogless in Tatertown

RIP Chowder

This morning, I decided it was finally time to say Good-bye to Chowder. He had a pretty good life, at least in the dozen or so years that he spent brightening my life. His suspicion of strangers led me to believe that whatever life he had before mine might not always have been pleasant. But… Continue reading RIP Chowder

Mighty Dog

Maybe it’s Olympic fever in the air. Last weekend, Norm decided to display world-class athletic prowess. I’m not sure whether he was trying out for diving or eventing, but it was an impressive feat, even if I’m not sure it was completely intentional.

Pulse Check

It’s been over three months since my last musings. I’ve had inquiries from readers hoping the hiatus was due only to writer’s block and not some dire misfortune keeping me away from the keyboard. So I guess it’s time to write something to put all fears to rest. My critters and I are indeed all… Continue reading Pulse Check

Season Finale

It’s that time of year again. Birds are singing, grass is greening, flowers are blooming, navels are showing. That means yet another hunt season is drawing to a close. This season was cursed by some of the worst, wettest weather I can remember. We got off to a fairly good start in October. November was… Continue reading Season Finale

The Age of Antiquity

I was cruelly reminded of my age today. We’re 3 weeks into the fall semester, and as usual, campus is swarming with gorgeous young things who keep making me forget that most men my age have children older than that. The unusually hot weather has had a wonderful effect on their choice of attire. Cleavage… Continue reading The Age of Antiquity

Niche Blogging

My raves about Spalding’s recently attracted the attention of The Blognut. Judging from the title, one might think The Blognut is slightly nutty about blogs. One would be wrong. The Blognut is a blog about doughnuts, which the author occasionally abbreviates as ‘nuts. All doughnuts, all the time.