Would it matter if he wore the jersey?

Once again, a combination of stories in the local newspaper helps reinforce some of the worst stereotypes of the citizens of our beautiful Bluegrass state. To be fair, some of the idiocy is nationwide. But one story adds a unique Kentucky flavor to the mix.

Been There, Done That

The last few days have been an interesting opportunity for hope, celebration, and reflection. Yesterday, I participated in the annual Martin Luther King Day activities. Not surprisingly, most of the speakers mentioned the historic occasion that was going to occur today. President Obama’s inauguration is certainly an indication that, although racism hasn’t been completely eradicated,… Continue reading Been There, Done That

Time for a Change

Sitting here watching the news, which was really not unexpected, I realize it’s time for a change. I realize that both presidential candidates talked a lot about change, so that some might think we could expect change regardless of the outcome of the election. Cynics, on the the other hand, might think that neither candidate… Continue reading Time for a Change

Political Brew-Haha

BBC News reports on a popular new beer in Kenya. Capitalizing on the popularity of Kenya’s expatriate favorite sun now running for US President, East African Breweries is marketing Senator Keg beer, popularly known as Obama. When I first heard about it, I thought that it should be a light beer, sold with a lot… Continue reading Political Brew-Haha

Super Tossup?

It seems like only yesterday that political pundits promised presidential candidates would be picked by primaries on Super Tuesday, if not before. Now that Super Tuesday, and a few more primaries, have come and gone, at least the Democratic race still lurches towards the convention. It appears that late-voting states, rather than being disenfranchised as… Continue reading Super Tossup?

Should Bill Chill?

I don’t have much respect for Bill Clinton’s taste in women, either the one he married or the ones he chose to fool around with. Surely somebody with the chick-magnet potential of the Presidency could have done better than Monica Lewinsky. But he was a pretty damn good President. And he got to be President… Continue reading Should Bill Chill?

Iowa Surprise

The Obamaniacs are rejoicing at their plastic hero’s victory in Iowa. I suppose now we’re going to have the media telling us that the election has already been decided, which unfortunately becomes true if enough people believe it. I have to admit, I am truly glad Queen Hillary got her royal ass kicked royally. I… Continue reading Iowa Surprise

Blue is Back … maybe

“Blue is Back!” That was the Kentucky Democratic Party chairman’s message to a throng of thousands celebrating election victory Tuesday night. As well as taking back the governor’s office, Democrats claimed several other statewide offices: attorney general, auditor, and treasurer. The newly elected treasurer said that he recently told a voter that this is a… Continue reading Blue is Back … maybe