2009 Ice Storm – Chapter Two

Another chapter already. I know I may be overwhelming my readers, especially after the long lapse in new entries here. And maybe I’m destroying the air of suspense. But I might as well go ahead and write this while it’s fresh in my mind.

Ice Storm Diary – 2009

Kentucky, and other states, were hit by a severe ice storm January 26-28. Electricity is out in Tatertown, and probably will be for over a week. I’ll report some random observations here as I can. In an effort to conserve laptop batteries, I won’t be online much, and I won’t even be able to type… Continue reading Ice Storm Diary – 2009

Dogless in Tatertown

For a week which started out with so much hope and optimism, it sure had a crappy ending. Friday was the first nice day we’ve had in weeks, and probably the last we’ll see for a while. It was a great afternoon to be outdoors. I just wish I didn’t have to spend it digging… Continue reading Dogless in Tatertown

Been There, Done That

The last few days have been an interesting opportunity for hope, celebration, and reflection. Yesterday, I participated in the annual Martin Luther King Day activities. Not surprisingly, most of the speakers mentioned the historic occasion that was going to occur today. President Obama’s inauguration is certainly an indication that, although racism hasn’t been completely eradicated,… Continue reading Been There, Done That