Gandalf Who?

I got the boys’ Coggins papers today, negative of course. It’s nice to have that out of the way, although I never really worry about the results. But I couldn’t help being amused at the cute vet tech’s spelling of the names. (OK, grammar police .. does “cute” refer to the vet tech, or her… Continue reading Gandalf Who?

Give em Hell, George

Contrary to my usual policy, this message is going to be basically just a verbatim copy of material from another source, because I think it’s not getting enough attention in the infamous “liberal media”. It’s George Galloway’s statement to the US Senate committee investigating the UN oil for food corruption, and, although it’s getting a… Continue reading Give em Hell, George

What’s the difference?

The cover story in this week’s edition of The Nation is about one of our local Republican embarrassments. We seem to have a lot of them (although I have to admit some of our local Democrats can be pretty embarrassing, too). This one is Lexington’s Dr. David Hager, a prominent obstetrician-gynecologist and Bush Administration appointee… Continue reading What’s the difference?

Rolex Rambling

I finally finished putting together the 2005 Rolex report.

Not quite a Run for the Roses

Casual acquaintances who are vaguely aware that I like horses might expect some sage comments on today’s Derby. People who know me better are probably well aware of my opinion that a two-minute sprint is simply anti-climactic the week after Rolex. Since the weather was beautiful today, rather than getting sucked into the Derby hype,… Continue reading Not quite a Run for the Roses

Never Too Late

New York Times has a fun story about a time travellers’ convention at MIT this weekend. It’s supposedly the first ever, and organizers say it’s the only one the world needs, because people from the future (or past) can travel to it any time they want to. The organizers seem to have a reasonable attitude… Continue reading Never Too Late