Month: July 2004

  • Let Freedom Ring – Let Linda Sing

    OK … the stinking fascist intolerant rabid hate-mongering closed-minded illiterate Gestapo thought police in this country have gone too far. We’ve had to listen to assholes like Toby Keith, Darryl Worley, Charlie Daniels, etc. spew filthy lies and racist hatred, while at the same time listen to criticism of “liberal Hollywood celebrities” who dare to […]

  • Who would Jesus torture?

    Christian Dewar has an interesting article on the Democratic Underground website. With Bush gathering support from the “religious right” (which many people say is neither) for being a “man of faith”, Dewar compares Bush’s pious words with his cruel, dishonest, hypocritical actions. It would be nice if all those who praise Bush for his “moral […]

  • The worst is…the boys shrieking

    The infamous “liberal media” don’t seem to want to touch this story. A Google News search turns up almost nothing. But reports are circulating among sources such as The Daily Mislead about Seymour Hersh’s recent speech to the ACLU. Hersh, who has previously proven to be a very reliable source on the Abu Ghraib prison […]

  • Jethro goes to Washington?

    Okay, this item is definitely back in the political arena. Thanks to my friend Liza (and my mother’s doctor … is that a strange source for warped humor?) for passing along this gem, forwarded umptysome times from some unknown source. Sing along to this one – you know the tune!! Black gold that is!

  • Evil Empire vs. Open Source?

    Once again, the boundary between geeky topics and political ranting is blurring. Not long after a report that Teddy Kennedy’s Senate office runs on Macintosh technology, we get a story about the technology choices of the Bush and Kerry campaigns. And, once again, it’s ironically appropriate.

  • Mail Overload?

    A Computerworldarticle reports that Postini’s email management service is rejecting over half the messages addressed to their customers without reading them, based on the sending server’s IP address. 53% of connection attempts are immediately dropped without even looking at the message contents.

  • Don’t read that! You’ll destroy it!!

    It’s tough to decide whether this belongs in the “Political Rants” or “Geek Stuff” category. When I first read about it on a newsgroup, I first thought it belonged in tne “Bullshit” category, but a quick Google News search revealed that it’s true. The Department of Justice has refused to comply with a Freedom of […]