Creature of Habit

I keep a stash of dog biscuits in my car, and each morning, as I leave for work, each of my buddies gets a treat. This morning, I reached in and pulled out three biscuits, and my system needed a manual override to put the third back in the bag.

Umm … Was that Intentional?

Speaking of Wired News, another of their headlines made me do a double take this morning. They had an interesting article about how Viagra has helped the endangered species population by reducing the demand for animal parts used in traditional aphrodisiac recipes. I was somewhat amused by their headline: \"Viagra Swells Scarce Animal Count\", along… Continue reading Umm … Was that Intentional?

All Wired Up With No Place to "Go"

“Wardriving”, for those not up on the latest geek buzzwords, is a popular pursuit of wireless computing junkies. They drive around with their laptops, looking for insecure wireless networks that (usually unintentionally) provide free internet access, and possibly sensitive information, to the wardrivers. According to this Wired News article, participants in the WorldWide WarDrive discovered… Continue reading All Wired Up With No Place to "Go"

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Celebrity Endorsements

Today I got a flyer in the mail from Charlton Heston, and a telephone message from \"NASCAR champion Darrell Waltrip.\" It\’s a good thing Darrell told me why he was famous, or I wouldn\’t have known. Anyway, both of my good buddies were urging me to vote for Mitch McConnell in the upcoming Senate election,… Continue reading Celebrity Endorsements

Justice or Bloodthirst

I see that prosecutors in VA, MD, AL, and the US DOJ are arguing over who gets to fry the DC snipers. I think this is a reflection of our violent, vengeful, vindictive society. Certainly these guys, especially the older one, need to do some serious time somewhere, maybe life (I don\’t support state-sanctioned killing).… Continue reading Justice or Bloodthirst

Spooky Season

I can’t help but wonder if somebody’s twisted sense of humor was the reason for Halloween and Election Day being so close together. There’s a lot to ponder this season. The news is full of the tragic death of Senator Paul Wellstone and several members of his family and staff. Everyone who knew anything about… Continue reading Spooky Season

Doonesbury Does Blogs

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see Doonesbury lampoon this fad right after I get sucked into it. Here’s Monday’s strip; I suspect we’re in for a week of this. I searched briefly for a forgotten quote from Hunter Thompson about Garry Trudeau (in reference to the Duke character), but couldn’t find it. That’s… Continue reading Doonesbury Does Blogs

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Monday Morning Wonders

Ah … what a way to start the week. A couple hours late to work, after dealing with an equine event at home that deserves its own chapter, when I get around to it. Don’t even get the office door unlocked before I get hit with the latest TSM problem. Nothing that needs immediate attention,… Continue reading Monday Morning Wonders

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