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There have been some technical changes here at Matt’s Mindless Musings, inspired partly by boredom and partly by the never-ending war on spam. Unlike previous changes which added more cumbersome restrictions in an attempt to keep spammers at bay, some of the latest changes might actually make the site more friendly to casual visitors.

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Just a brief note to gloat about Scooter Libby’s conviction. It’s ironic that some of the hard-core law-and-order Republicans are starting to talk about pardons. In fact, that jogged my memory a little, reminding me of something I wrote here almost four years ago. Way back when this story was hardly getting any attention at… Continue reading Pardon?

Quote of the Week

It’s not really a new idea; I’ve made similar comments previously. But I still want to give a big high five to my buddy Dennis for this quote: It must be really tough for candidates for President to come before the American people, and claim that they were … tricked … deceived … misled …… Continue reading Quote of the Week