Month: April 2003

  • Please attack Appalachia

    Just a brief note to point out this request for an attack on Appalachia. It’s a warm Wednesday afternoon, and I’m struggling just to digest lunch without causing any trouble, so I can’t add anything to it, but it’s worth reading.

  • Rolex Report

    Reporting here is somewhat sparse because a lot of personal time has been soaked up by Rolex. The 2003 report is still under construction, and until it’s done, posting here will probably be very light. In the meantime, you can enjoy the cool horsey pictures.

  • Political Primates

    This amusing photo comparison has been circulating around the web for over two years. Now it appears that the similarities may be more than just cosmetic, according to a study by a psychology professor at UK. Arnold Ludwig, who has published his research in KING OF THE MOUNTAIN: The Nature of Political Leadership, finds that […]

  • Golf is Good?

    I never have understood why anybody with a sound mind and body would want to waste them playing golf. And watching it is even more incomprehensible. Even if you really want a sport with the excitement of watching grass grow, there’s dressage, which at least has the distraction of horses, and pretty women with strong […]

  • The Miracles of Duct Tape

    OK, I haven’t written any geeky stuff for a while, so here’s one. I’ve mentioned before that we webnerds in need of a life amuse ourselves by perusing our server logs to see what people are looking for. The science of search engines is still far from perfect; blindly matching keywords can lead to some […]

  • Saddam’s Second Chance

    Somebody sent me this UPI article about Saddam Hussein’s early unsuccessful career as a CIA hit man. Since I haven’t seen much about it in other news sources, I thought it was worth discussing here. Apparently we hired him way back in 1959 to assassinate the Iraqi prime minister, and the plot was badly botched:

  • Five, Six, Pick up sticks

    After a week of no news here, I still don’t have anything very interesting to write about. This weekend was largely spent sawing and burning dead branches left over from the ice storm so I could cut the grass. The only equine activity was putting Shadowfax’s grazing muzzle on, which he does not appreciate in […]

  • Just another ho-hum routine Sunday

    With hunt season over, I’m an easy target for event organizers that are constantly drafting “volunteers” to perform all the mundane but necessary chores involved in staging a successful event. Today, I was arm-twisted into timing for a hunter pace. I was even offered the opportunity to ride early before I commenced my labor if […]

  • April Fool\’s Day Etiquette?

    A (former?) friend and I recently had a disagreement about the rules for another of my favorite spring traditions, April Fool’s Day. I always believed that that the game included a certain level of sportsmanship and fair play. The point, in my opinion, was to test the alertness or gullibility of the victim, and that […]

  • End of a Season

    A warm and windy Wednesday finished off the hunt season, and then I vegged out with my other Wednesday weakness, West Wing. I assume it won’t be long before that season comes to an end too, and summer reruns start, turning Wednesday back into just another weekday instead of the best day of the week.