Month: October 2005

  • If it’s Sunday, this must be Crossbo

    I’m starting to feel like one of those people who buys a fancy new car, then continues to drive the old clunker every day to keep the new one clean and shiny for special occasions. I’ve hunted Crossbo the last three Sundays, and on the intervening Wednesdays and Saturdays, if I went, I was on […]

  • New Anti-Theft Device

    There are some interesting news reports about a new anti-theft gadget for mobile electronic devices (laptops, phones, etc.) Interesting concept, but even if it works, I see a problem with it.

  • The Resurrection of Spaldings!!!

    UPDATE — They’re open! Great news on the front page of today’s paper!! Spalding’s Bakery is going to re-open next spring. As I’ve said before, if you haven’t had a Spalding’s doughnut, you won’t understand.

  • Baby’s First Real Hunt

    Before reliving the glory of this afternoon, I need to try to get myself out of the doghouse by giving proper credit for last week’s plagiarized title. “Baby’s First Hunt” was suggested by one of Crossbo’s loyal fans, his adoring Aunt Julie, without whose meddling he might never have embarked on his new career with […]

  • Another Geek Gadget Review

    I spent some time last weekend playing with another techno-toy. Like the iPod, I’ve had the latest toy for a while, but had to get some accessories before I could use it enough to say much about it. Unlike the iPod, it’s not exactly pocket size.

  • Baby’s First Hunt

    Considering the circumstances, Crossbo’s official first hunt today may have been closer to a hound walk than a hunt. But, officially, we were hunting. Actually, it was nice to continue his preparation with a gentle phase-in, but it may be stretching a little to boast about his excellent behavior.