Month: June 2003

  • Hit and Run .. or Just Another Peaceful Rural Evening

    Saturday night, after the AYMF Club canoe outing (that story is waiting for film developing to see if I have any usable illustrations), I went over to my parents’ house for dinner, along with my sister and their neighbor Monica. As we were relaxing and chatting after dinner, the still night outside was jarred by […]

  • Who the hell is Stephen Cambone?

    Apparently, he’s the guy in charge of finding all those missing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You know, the ones that Saddam had ready to use against us at a moment’s notice, the reason we had to destroy Iraq again, the ones Dumbya keeps promising we’ll find to justify his war (and on at […]

  • Do I Look Like a Terrorist?

    Fortunately, the airport security screeners didn’t seem to think so. I didn’t receive any unusual attention, except for the sweeps with the handheld metal detectors after I triggered the walk-throughs on both trips. (Note to self: no more flying in Wranglers. Having every rivet on my jeans carefully checked out might be fun if the […]

  • Gee, I could have flown Delta!

    The day before I fly to Philadelphia on Northwest Airlines, through their Detroit hub, I see a Wiredstory reporting that the Transportation Security Agency is suspending the CAPPS II (Continued Assaults on Personal Privacy and Sanity) system which inspired my earlier support of the Delta boycott. OK, I’ll confess, this is just a weak excuse […]

  • Electric Net?

    Here’s a ray of hope for all of us geeks in the boondocks struggling to keep a 56kbs (which is usually more like 44kbs) dialup connection active over a barbed wire line, waiting for downloads from unnecessarily bloated sites designed with no thought to bandwith limitations. Wired carried aReuters report on a world conference of […]

  • Bill Moyers for President?

    He’s not running, but maybe he should be. Email from a local activist alerted me to an article in The Nation about the recent Take Back America conference. Not surprisingly, the conference attracted a number of Democratic presidential wannabes. But, according to The Nation‘s John Nichols, “it was a non-candidate (Moyers) who won the hearts […]

  • Minor Tweaking

    I’ve had to make a few minor adjustments as a result of the sudden and unexpected move to a new host. I found a hack to make times display in EDT, even though the server is running in PDT (although it’s apparently located in Houston). That had the side effect of skewing all the times […]

  • New Home on the Web

    If you can see this, is back on the air with a new hosting service. I think I’ve got most of the site working OK, but there may be some anomalies for a while until I get all the wrinkles ironed out. My former host, Affordable Host, had another major outage this weekend. That, […]