Month: November 2002

  • It finally happened

    A friend emailed me this picture with that caption. It seems especially appropriate with today’s dropping temperatures and high winds. After the story on creative photoshopping, I’m not completely sure it’s real. But just in case, maybe I should forward this to a few of the women who promised to go out with me when […]

  • Adding up to paranoia

    For the last few days, I’ve been reflecting on the connection between a couple of disturbing recent news items. Neither one has gotten the media attention that I think they deserve, outside of the typical geek channels. First is the Pentagon’s new Total Information Awareness project, which is a massive database containing extremely detailed information […]

  • Weather sucks

    As I get older and crankier, the timespan each year when I’m happy gets shorter. Now it’s down to about September and April. With a local forecast predicting low temperature in the low twenties Wednesday night, and a high in the 30s on Thanksgiving, I had just about convinced myself that getting up at 6 […]

  • Unh-unh … not again

    News reports say W was a little Wary this year when he issued the traditional Thanksgiving turkey pardon. He was probably afraid of a repeat of last year’s embarrassment.

  • Internet Growing Pains

    I subscribe to an email discussion list for foxhunters. Like almost any other open discussion forum on the Internet, it occasionally suffers from a low signal/noise ratio. And at other times, it’s just plain information overload; it’s all relevant, but just too much. A subscriber recently questioned whether it has become too big to be […]

  • Horsing Around

    This afternoon was another splendid opportunity to forget everything that’s wrong with the world. There’s a saying among foxhunters that some folks ride to hunt, and others hunt to ride. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m one of the hunt to ride gang, even if that draws scorn from serious hunters. And today was […]

  • It’s a Jungle Out There

    The UK Police Log for last week has some interesting entries, especially if the reader attemtps to make any connection between some of them. We have: ¥ Nov 11 – Suspicious persons seen in East Lot reported at 1:04 AM. Four males with eggs. ¥ Nov 11 – Suspicious circumstances at Kirwan I reported at […]

  • Candid Camera or Photoshop?

    Thanks to technology, seeing isn’t always believing. Wired News has an article about the flood of digitally altered phony photos circulating around the ‘net. They included some examples that I had seen before. I guessed this one was fake when I saw it, but I really believed this one was real. Besides warning me that […]

  • Mad Magazine – Clone of the Attack

    Ex-boss emailed me this gem from Mad Magazine. I went wandering around Mad‘s website to find that link so I could use it here instead of loading their copyrighted work on my server, and it was an interesting tour. Mad belongs to Warner Brothers now, and WB seems to a little bolder than many of […]

  • Back in the Saddle Again!

    Today was just what I needed. Sleep a little later, and then start all the hunt prep work: hitching up trailer, cleaning horse, filling flask, etc. My attitude has gotten so sour I almost didn’t remember why I go to all this trouble. After getting mounted, it didn’t take long for me to remember. A […]