The Rolex Report

If you’re a horse nut, you probably know what I’ve been up to for the last few days: attending the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, then trying to sober up, collect my wits, and collate another one of my scintillating photojournalistic commentaries. Since I’ve been maintaining a Rolex website far longer than this blog, it takes… Continue reading The Rolex Report

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No More Butts?

For my remote readers unfamiliar with the local news, there has been an ongoing legal battle over Lexington’s attempt to ban smoking in all indoor public places. The battle now seems to have been won by the clean-air forces, as the state Supreme Court upheld the ban yesterday, which would seem to exhaust all possibilities… Continue reading No More Butts?

Quote of the week

OK .. I know I said I’d filled the political rant quota for the week, but I got this and had to share: We would be better off if the president pursued policies that prevent casualties — American and Iraqi — instead of policies that prevent us from viewing the images of them. From a… Continue reading Quote of the week

Google’s Still the One

The horseplay topic has probably dried up for a while (although Arthur got his shoes reset today, so I should get some saddle time this weekend, but it probably won’t be anything worth writing about); I’ve probably exhausted my quota for political ranting this week (although the reports about the slaughter in Fallujah continue to… Continue reading Google’s Still the One

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That Stuff Can Kill Ya!!!

Just a quick chuckle about the city in California that almost banned styrofoam cups because an alert paralegal discovered a report that the toxic chemical dihydrogen monoxide was used in the manufacturing process

Inside the Fire

Maybe I’m getting lazy. This entry is just going to be a reference to Jo Wilding’s chilling article about volunteer rescue activities in Iraq and the appalling behavior of the US military. It’s the kind of thing you’re not likely to see much of in the mainstream media. I really can’t summarize it any better… Continue reading Inside the Fire

So What’s the Real Crime?

Indecent exposure, or a criminally awful pun? This week’s Campus Crime Log is pretty uninspiring. There are a few typical drug/alcohol busts, seasonal water balloon incidents, and a few entries related to the man who has been walking around campus copping an occasional quick feel (I can certainly understand the temptataion). There’s really only one… Continue reading So What’s the Real Crime?

Sigh … It’s Over

Another hunt season draws to a close. Actually, my last hunt of the season was last Sunday, although I didn’t realize it at the time. With hunts scheduled for Wednesday and Friday, which I had every intention of enjoying, I almost skipped Sunday due to the unseasonable 78-degree heat. But the best-laid plans often go… Continue reading Sigh … It’s Over

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