Good Karma, Good Hounds

The lesson for today was obviously “Do the right thing”. And now, at the end of the day, the right thing was obviously hunting. But earlier in the day, if I had been superstitious, I might have wondered if I was being set up for a different lesson about priorites or tempting fate.

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Apologies to Dr. King

The first apology is for being a wimp and skipping the first part of my usual Martin Luther King Day routine. Monday morning brought a continuation of the rain that had been falling all weekend, and I just couldn’t get motivated to march through Lexington in the rain. I know that Dr. King and those… Continue reading Apologies to Dr. King

Hey GW, here’s a plan

In recent days, GW Bush and Deadeye Dick Cheney have both attacked critics of Bush’s Iraq war escalations, saying the critics are not suggesting any alternatives. From GW: “To oppose everything while proposing nothing is irresponsible.” From the Dickster: “They have absolutely nothing to offer in its place. I have yet to hear a coherent… Continue reading Hey GW, here’s a plan