Mounted Massage

Arriving back at the trailers today after a very pleasant hunt with a stellar field, I was told I was the luckiest man alive. And I’ll have to agree that today would be difficult to top. Arthur performed superbly, as usual, and then earned even more appreciation than usual as he allowed me to receive… Continue reading Mounted Massage

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Hello, Halliburton

As I was eyeballing my website stats this morning (yeah, I know, I need a life, but hunting was cancelled), I noticed that a computer at had logged enough hits here to show up on the report. I know there are a few references to Halliburton here (mostly uncomplimentary), but not that many. Naturally,… Continue reading Hello, Halliburton

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Bars Open, Schools Closed

A confusing sequence of events that could only happen in KY. By law, there are no alcohol sales during the hours that the polls are open. Idealists think this is to prevent another incident like the Hatfield-McCoy feud. Cynics think it’s to give the vote-buyers with their supply of half-pints a more willing market. Schools… Continue reading Bars Open, Schools Closed

Hottie of the Week

I may be reaching the point many bloggers reach, where the novelty wears off and I realize I really don’t have anything interesting to say. Of course, the political scene has provided lots of fodder, but I don’t have any unique insight that hasn’t already been covered by thousands of others. So I’m falling back… Continue reading Hottie of the Week