Five Dozen – Not 60

My co-worker Rainer sent me this gem: Many typists know “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog” as a thirty-three-letter sentence that employs every letter in the alphabet at least once. Now fix your eyes on a sampling of the best pangrams of even fewer letters. What you are about to see are… Continue reading Five Dozen – Not 60

Isidore A-Dunkin\’

I can\’t take credit for that word play. I stole it from the local newspaper. Actually, so far, our share of Hurricane Isidore has been a complete blessing. As flood watch messages kept popping into my email box over the last couple of days, I pondered the irony of going from drought to flood, and… Continue reading Isidore A-Dunkin\’

Tally F’ing Ho

I just received email from the author of this Salon article about foxhunting, asking if I had seen it. Actually, I had, shortly after it was published in March 2002. But it was fun to read again, thinking “Yeah, been there, done that, couldn’t have said it that well”.

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Cool Weather

Looking out the office window, I realize that the sad part of the return to pleasant weather means the student attire is shifting from halter tops and shorts to sweats and jeans. There are just a few weeks each year when fast network access is not the only good thing about this job.

Gates of Hell

Somebody at Google really must not like Microsoft. They’ve had “anomalies” like this before. Comment from college buddy Jeff: Pretty funny. Even if it’s simply a result of Google’s integrated view of web links, it’s right on. Though I suspect the RIAA also ranks pretty highly on the evil scale.

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Earth Harp Pictures

Finally got around to editing and shrinking the Mass Ensemble (Earth Harp) pictures to be a little more Web-appropriate. Actually got most of the work done Sunday night, but I didn’t have the patience to upload them over a modem connection, so I dumped them on a Zip disk and waited until I came back… Continue reading Earth Harp Pictures

Still More March News

Reports about the Countryside March are still trickling in. Somebody passed along a link to a Sun article that had some interesting coverage .. and lack of coverage. Not quite Camilla, but close.

End of a Weekend

Winding up a 3-day weekend. Nothing special, just burning some vacation time before it disappears, and enjoying the break in the weather. This summer’s heat and drought put a damper (reverse pun?) on a lot of outdoor activities. Now that it’s a little nicer, I took Arthur and the boys for hacks around the farm… Continue reading End of a Weekend

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Reading and Blogging

I’ve reached the conclusion that most bloggers probably spend way more time surfing the Net than I do, finding all kinds of good articles, etc., to reference. I still tend to prefer print media for leisure reading, but that makes it difficult to cite anything here. For example, there was a neat blurb in The… Continue reading Reading and Blogging

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More on the March

Reports from London indicate that over 400,000 marchers participated in the Countryside March (see below). Final totals are likely to be higher. And travellers from North America and other parts of the globe added a wonderful air of international solidarity, as demonstrated by this Floridian.