Month: August 2006

  • The Terrorists have won

    The news for the last few days indicates a severe casualty in the war on terror. The latest victim is the collective sanity of an entire society. Without even trying very hard, the terrorists, with a little help from our government (or do I have that backwards?) have driven us all crazy.

  • Better Living Through Chemistry

    Browsing through the print edition of The Nation, I saw an advertisement from Common Sense for Drug Policy. CSDP is an organization which advocates education and treatment, rather than criminal penalties and incarceration, as a cure for drug problems. In support of their position, they cited the example of Dr. William Stewart Halsted.

  • Goodbye Joe

    Good news from Connecticut. I know this is a day late, and the subject has already been beaten to death in countless blogs. But I just have to give a shoutout to the Democratic voters in Connecticut for dumping that asshole Joe Lieberman in their U.S Senate primary. For several years, I’ve used Lieberman as […]

  • Clarification, please?

    I was killing some time at work this afternoon reading some of the junk that had accumulated in my mailbox this week. There was an official looking envelope from the President’s Office with the official “Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct”. Pretty dry reading, but I figured if they sent it to me, they must […]