Month: February 2004

  • Treated like Dogs

    “Maimed in Iraq, then mistreated, neglected, and hidden in America.” In an article in Intervention Magazine, Frederic Sweet describes the medical treatment (or lack thereof) received by US soldiers wounded in Iraq. One officer said they “were being treated like dogs.” The Bush administration continues to ignore soldiers killed or wounded in their unnecessary, illegal […]

  • Patriotic Students

    Maybe campus apathy isn’t as bad as I thought. The Kentucky Kernel (UK’s campus newspaper) reports that the UK Student Government passed a resolution against the Patriot Act. The resolution was controversial, passing by one vote after heated discussion and a deadlock on the first vote. In an unfortunate sign that some people still don’t […]

  • Interesting Coincidence

    A few days ago, I mentioned checking out Glenn Reynolds’ InstaPundit.Com, after seeing it hyped in a Wired article. One thing I didn’t mention was my surprise at seeing an ad on InstaPundit for Ben Chandler’s campaign for the Kentucky 6th District Congressional seat. I really didn’t see why blog readers around the net would […]

  • Tighten your bras

    Today was an ideal winter Wednesday. It’s the beginning of a brief warming trend, which will continue through the end of the week, bringing joy to the saner elements of the population who think 60-ish temperatures in February are a godsend. Actually, it will be pleasant, but I’m glad it was just starting with 40-ish […]

  • Signs of the Times?

    Liza sent me an interesting collection of signs.

  • Hunting for Valentines?

    Riding conditions today were marginal, at best. But, since I hadn’t been on a horse since mid-January, and marginal may be as good as it gets for a while, I decided Valentine’s Day was a good opportunity to spend some quality time with Arthur. I decided earlier in the week that I had to hunt […]

  • THIS is Number One?

    In a Wired article, Paul Boutin writes that Glenn Reynolds’ InstaPundit.Com is the most visited blog in the world, because it “focus(es) on important facts and phrases that don’t make the headlines.” I’m not trying to compete for most visited blog in the world, in fact I’m still not even sure what I’m trying to […]

  • Now Mac users don’t need to feel left out

    Microsoft finally took pity on all the Mac users who were feeling left out by all the viruses that were not affecting their machines. According to a Computerworld article, one of the latest 3 Microsoft bugs announced affects Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac, so that Mac users schizophrenic enough to try to make their Mac […]

  • Craziness

    In this increasingly digital world, surprising information can sometimes come from unexpected sources. About a year ago, I mentioned a friend who had disappeared in Alaska. Since I’d lost touch with her before she moved out of Kentucky several years ago, my knowledge of her disappearance was limited to what I could find on Alaska […]

  • 1984 Plus Twenty

    Twenty years after George Orwell’s prophetic 1984, we’re seeing assaults on privacy approaching, or even exceeding, those in his work of fiction. I’m sure this isn’t news to anybody with an IQ greater than Dubya’s, but a couple of recent news items brought it to the front of my mind. In an incident described as […]