Interesting Coincidence

A few days ago, I mentioned checking out Glenn Reynolds’ InstaPundit.Com, after seeing it hyped in a Wired article. One thing I didn’t mention was my surprise at seeing an ad on InstaPundit for Ben Chandler’s campaign for the Kentucky 6th District Congressional seat. I really didn’t see why blog readers around the net would be interested in our little congressional race (and I especially didn’t think InstaPundit’s right-wing lunatics would be interested in Ben Chandler). Now, another Wired article shows how wrong I was. Chandler’s campaign manager, Mark Nickolas, was either brilliant or lucky (or both). The article doesn’t mention InstaPundit, but at least some of the blogs Chandler advertised on provided a very healthy return of funds. It’s interesting. I’m not sure whether it’s indicative of a significant new trend, or whether this was a fluke. I’m just glad Chandler won (the victory was appropriately toasted in the hunt field today).

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