Month: February 2005

  • Did I piss off St. Hubert?

    Last Wednesday was a wonderful day. The footing was still a little muddy, but aside from that, it was an ideal hunting day. We covered a lot of ground, and ventured into some country we don’t hunt often enough. We didn’t jump much, but when we did, Arthur’s form was impeccable. Life was good. But […]

  • Super Sunday

    Today was definitely a Super Sunday, although not for the reason that gets way too much attention in the media. It was one of those days that had me spontaneously yelling “I love my horse!”. I almost used that phrase for today’s title, but I’ve already used it once. Actually, I thought I’d also used […]

  • Welfare Reform – German Style

    There’s a lot of controversy, and some small areas of agreement, concerning government programs that provide financial assistance to those living in hardship (welfare, foodstamps, etc). One thing most people across the political spectrum would agree on is that, whenever possible, it’s better to get people off of welfare rolls and onto a payroll. But […]