Month: April 2006

  • Return of the Browser Wars

    A recent Computerworld article reports on the Explorer Destroyer campaign to get Internet Explorer users to switch to Firefox. It provides script code that webmasters can add to their sites to determine which browser is being used, and provide gentle or blunt suggestions to Explorer users, or even prevent them from accessing the site. As […]

  • I Love my Horse!

    I’m not sure, but I might have said that before. Oh well, it never hurts to say it again. Actually, I just wanted an excuse to show off this picture of me and Crossbo from this month’s team chase. I don’t have very many good action pictures of me with any of my horses, and […]

  • Happy Anniversary

    One year ago today, Crossbo came to live with me. It’s been a wonderful year. There’s really not much to say that hasn’t already been said, but I felt like I couldn’t let the anniversary go completely unnoticed.

  • Crossbo goes to the races

    The word of the day was Yee-ha. In a day of continually evolving plans, Crossbo and I attended a local hunter pace/race event. The only thing I knew for sure in advance is that we were supposed to be there with beer. We lived up to that, and rolled with the ever-changing events. Just in […]

  • OK … now I’m pissed

    I got email from my buddy Dennis Kucinich today. Before getting to the point (which was that he would appreciate a contribution to his Congressional campaign), he waxed eloquent about why we need more Congressmen like him (which we do). Among all the other wrongs committed by his less-enlightened Congressional colleagues, he mentioned that the […]