Lazy Long Weekend

I didn’t accomplish much this weekend, but I did manage to get my butt in a saddle for the first time since early April. Brian finally showed up and shod Arthur on Tuesday, when I wasn’t around to pay him. The MayFest Horse Trials seemed like a good time to track him down and settle… Continue reading Lazy Long Weekend

Rachel Corrie

Have you heard that name before? I hadn’t either, until I received a copy of Naomi Klein’s article comparing Rachel Corrie to another blonde American hero, Jessica Lynch. Ms. Klein tells the story so well that I can’t add anything to it. But I felt compelled to mention it here since the US government and… Continue reading Rachel Corrie

Why I don’t want a Beemer

Aside from the fact that driving a BMW is an easy way to proclaim to the world “I’m an asshole!” there’s a tangible reason not to want one (even if I could afford it). The new ones are controlled by Microsoft Windows CE, as glowingly described in a Microsoft press release. Anybody knows this is… Continue reading Why I don’t want a Beemer

Lima Lima Mike Foxtrot

A recent Wired article about the innovative and improvisational information technology in the Iraq war brought a new military expression to my attention. Lima Lima Mike Foxtrot. I’m going to be mean and make you read the article to find out what it means. It’s kind of catchy, but a little awkward for normal use,… Continue reading Lima Lima Mike Foxtrot

Kucinich Scores in Iowa

I haven’t been able to produce much new content here recently, so the Kucinich presidential campaign was nice enough to drop some in my lap, in a recent email about his recent ranking by union members at a candidates’ forum in Iowa. When I first received it, it was not yet on their website, so… Continue reading Kucinich Scores in Iowa

Another Micro$oft security flaw?? Surprise!!!

Considering Microsoft’s overall record for quality and reliability, it’s not really surprising to read a New York Times article reporting that “Microsoft acknowledged a security flaw Thursday in its popular Internet Passport service that left 200 million consumer accounts vulnerable to hackers and thieves”. It’s not even really surprising that Microsoft couldn’t find a hole… Continue reading Another Micro$oft security flaw?? Surprise!!!