Political Brew-Haha

BBC News reports on a popular new beer in Kenya. Capitalizing on the popularity of Kenya’s expatriate favorite sun now running for US President, East African Breweries is marketing Senator Keg beer, popularly known as Obama. When I first heard about it, I thought that it should be a light beer, sold with a lot… Continue reading Political Brew-Haha

Super Tossup?

It seems like only yesterday that political pundits promised presidential candidates would be picked by primaries on Super Tuesday, if not before. Now that Super Tuesday, and a few more primaries, have come and gone, at least the Democratic race still lurches towards the convention. It appears that late-voting states, rather than being disenfranchised as… Continue reading Super Tossup?

Danger, Beware, Danger!!!

Since it’s too early to write about the Super Tuesday results, I might as well take some time to perform a valuable public service and pass along an urgent warning to my loyal readers. The Gullibility Virus is once again spreading rampantly around the Internet. Be very careful to avoid being its next victim! You… Continue reading Danger, Beware, Danger!!!

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