Month: January 2008

  • Should Bill Chill?

    I don’t have much respect for Bill Clinton’s taste in women, either the one he married or the ones he chose to fool around with. Surely somebody with the chick-magnet potential of the Presidency could have done better than Monica Lewinsky. But he was a pretty damn good President. And he got to be President […]

  • Openness 5

    With all the recent dismal weather curtailing outdoor fun, it might seem that I should have more time for mindless musings, which have been scarce recently. Available time is not the issue. The doldrums are also affecting my creative enthusiasm. So, in a feeble attempt to fill space here, I’m stooping to stealing a recent […]

  • Off to a good start

    I realize my musings have been pretty sparse lately, and horse news has been even sparser. That’s partly because December sucked. Due to crappy weather and scheduling problems, Crossbo and I only hunted twice in December, and I managed to get in one other non-hunting ride. Only three rides in a month makes us both […]

  • New Year, New Software

    During some of the Christmas downtime, when weather made indoors more enticing than outdoors, I finally got around to installing Leopard on my PowerBook. I’ve been running it at work for a couple of months, so I knew what to expect, but I installed it anyway. I’m not sure why. I guess because since I […]

  • Iowa Surprise

    The Obamaniacs are rejoicing at their plastic hero’s victory in Iowa. I suppose now we’re going to have the media telling us that the election has already been decided, which unfortunately becomes true if enough people believe it. I have to admit, I am truly glad Queen Hillary got her royal ass kicked royally. I […]