Openness 5

With all the recent dismal weather curtailing outdoor fun, it might seem that I should have more time for mindless musings, which have been scarce recently. Available time is not the issue. The doldrums are also affecting my creative enthusiasm. So, in a feeble attempt to fill space here, I’m stooping to stealing a recent news item, with no additional comment of my own. My excuse is that it was reported in a periodical probably not on the regular reading list of those who stumble here. While the gist of the article may be no surprise to some of us, it was nice to see it confirmed.

According to Computerworld:

People who prefer Apple’s Macintosh computers over PCs have long been thought to be on the artsy, hip end of the personality spectrum — and now a study proves that “Mac people” indeed are more liberal and open-minded than average folks.

According to Mindset Media, people who purchase Macs fall into what the branding company calls the “Openness 5” personality category — which means they are more liberal, less modest and more assured of their own superiority than the population at large.

But we already knew that.
Complete article available here.

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