Month: February 2003

  • A Good Lawyer?

    Is that an oxymoron? I’m sure somewhere in this blog, I’ve ranted about lawyers. And if I haven’t, I should have. But every once in a while, one redeems himself. I recently received this legal argument that even if the UN Security Council finds Iraq in material breach of Resolution 1441, war cannot be legal […]

  • Quickie Links

    Still being lazy, and just passing along a couple of links I recently stumbled on. Fact Squad Radio presents a collection of informative and amusing MP3 clips relating to issues recently in the news. For the sake of the bandwidth-challenged (which includes me when I’m at home), I wish they could also provide text transcripts […]

  • Why Women Are Superior

    Okay, I’m getting lazy. I haven’t posted anything here in a while, and now I’m stooping to just copying some email I received. So much for my quest for originality. But, since a couple of people I forwarded this to commented favorably on it, maybe I can get away with using it here.

  • Let there be light ….

    … and heat, and computers, and all other electric conveniences. My power came back on about 1 PM today, almost nine days after it went out about 7 PM on Sunday, Feb 16, as a result of the severe ice storm that hit central Kentucky. As my routine slowly returns to normal (or what passes […]

  • Ice Storm

    Posting here will probably be sparse for a few days. Central Kentucky was hit with a major ice storm Saturday night and Sunday. Trees and power lines down everywhere. A lot of the area is powerless and probably will be for a week or more. Last major ice storm in 1994 left my house dark […]

  • Read My LipSync

    Just a quickie; I had to post this link somebody sent me for an awesome duet from the world’s greatest warmongers, W and Tony. Unfortunately for those with slow connections, it’s a 5MB Quicktime file.

  • War Sucks

    Yeah, I know, I’ve said that before. Unfortunately, I’m afraid upcoming world events will compel me to say it again fairly frequently from time to time. Actually, now that I’ve said that, I think the rest of this entry is going to be more thoughts on blogging than thoughts on war. When I originally started […]

  • Duct Tape Wars?

    Being both a geek and a horse person, I have long known that duct tape is one of those essential items without which life as we know it would come to a halt. But I’m still amused by our Ministry of Paranoia suggesting that it will protect us from all the dangers of the Axis […]

  • Campus Crime

    The weekly police log always seems to have a few entries that make one say “Huh?”, and this week is no exception. Intermingled with all the usual theft, vandalism, scalping (I hope that referred to tickets) are some headscratchers • 2:10 AM Sunday “alcohol intoxication, subject in and out of consciousness, throwing up, unable to […]

  • Careful what you promise

    Y’know, maybe getting rid of spam completely isn’t such a good idea. A few messages now and then are good for amusement purposes. Like the one this morning promising “Permanent Larger Erections!” I think permanent would really be inconvenient.