Hang ’em, Dubya!!

Things just keep getting crazier in the White House’s attempt to whitewash their lies to the American public to wrongfully justify the shedding of American blood. Former Ambassador Joe Wilson has revealed that he travelled to Niger, at the request of the CIA, to investigate the Niger uranium story and reported back that it was… Continue reading Hang ’em, Dubya!!

Summertime Blahs

We’ve been suffering through typical Kentucky July weather, hot and humid with just enough thunderstorms to curtail outdoor activity, but not enough to keep things from drying out. The ground is so hard that horses don’t seem to keep shoes on for more than a couple of weeks, and it’s hardly worth tracking down the… Continue reading Summertime Blahs

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Dubya: Idiot or Liar?

I know, he’s probably both. But I’m referring specifically to his recent statement that Saddam Hussein did not allow weapons inspectors into Iraq: “And we gave him a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn’t let them in.” It was an attempt to brush off the controversy about his earlier misstatements that Iraq… Continue reading Dubya: Idiot or Liar?

Super Woman?

I’ve been drafted to work at a horse trial next Saturday. I haven’t been told whether I’ll be helping with stadium jumping (which would be the Novice and Training divisions on Saturday), or cross-country (which would be Preliminary and Intermediate). I assume the folks who drafted me wouldn’t make me watch dressage. Just out of… Continue reading Super Woman?

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Support our troops

I received the following information from Move On, with a request to pass it on Rep. Henry Waxman has introduced legislation to create an independent commission to investigate the Bush administration’s distortion of evidence. Please ask your Representative to pledge his or her support at: http://www.moveon.org/wmdpledge/ A President may make no more important decision than… Continue reading Support our troops

Film Sucks

Or maybe cheap cameras and klutzy photographers are just a bad combination. As I mentioned earlier, I hoped to be able to present a dazzling photodocumentary of a recent AYMF Club canoe outing on the Little Miami River. Since I didn’t want to risk dunking my Nikon 5700, or even my Canon Rebel, and I… Continue reading Film Sucks

Reach Out and Touch

A Wired article reports that researchers at the University at Buffalo have reported their development of a system that could allow the sense of touch to be transmitted across the ‘net. The article mentions several possible practical applications of the technology. I just couldn’t help but be reminded of Dennis Miller’s quote from several years… Continue reading Reach Out and Touch

Socially Conscious Drinking … Doggie Style

As mentioned earlier, my colleague Victor and I found an interesting beer, Doggie Style Pale Ale, on our recent expedition to Philadelphia. Since our return, Victor has been hounding me to find out if it’s available locally. I finally did a quick Google search and wasn’t disappointed.