Flask Hunting

December weather has really been the pits. We’ve had lots of rain, followed by a few bitter cold days. The warming trend of the last couple of days has been just enough to turn the ground into the kind of slick mess that no sane person would ride on. However, foxhunters aren’t known for sanity,… Continue reading Flask Hunting

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Quote of the Week

Still in the “Support the Troops” vein: This quote came from Barb, in reference to this UPI story about homeless Iraq veterans: “What level of Christian (or other) fellowship sends its children off to kill others and then offers them no assistance on returning home?” Something to ponder during the holiday season.

Support the Troops, Really

I have frequently ranted here in the past about the hypocrisy of those who blindly chorus “Support the troops”, while supporting a political regime which is providing the troops with an appalling lack of support as they send them off to die in a needless war. Rumsfeld’s recent idiotic reply to troops who are concerned… Continue reading Support the Troops, Really