Month: June 2004

  • If you can’t steal it, cancel it?

    With Dubya’s approval rates sinking to record lows, and polls showing him behind Kerry, is there any doubt that his gang will pull the same kind of vote-stealing shenanigans they did four years ago? Well, maybe they won’t. Apparently they have a fallback plan in case he gets so far behind it doesn’t even look […]

  • Light Bulb Joke

    I’m lazy and haven’t posted anything here recently. Somebody sent this to me and I thought it was funny. So here it is. How many Bush administration officials does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is seven.

  • Short Course?

    I received email from one of the security geeks at work that began: Microsoft and UK have arranged a two-day (no-cost) training session that will provide information about what we can do to better protect our IT infrastructure and applications against security threats — both today and in the future. So, after they tell us […]

  • It’s 9:30 PM; Do you know where your horses are?

    I’d just finished supper tonight, and had almost gotten to the comics section of the newspaper, when the dawgs started raisin’ a ruckus. They’re never at a loss for things to bark at, so I ignored it for a while. When they seemed a little more agitated than usual, I wandered out to see if […]

  • Lessons for the week

    It’s finally June in Kentucky. After a couple of weeks with April rainfall and August temperatures, we finally had a pleasant weekend that wasn’t sweltering or soaking. Of course, any such lucky break in the weather is largely devoted to serious defoliation of the jungle which has sprung up as a result of the rainfall […]

  • Yay, Teddy!

    I knew there was a reason why I liked Ted Kennedy. From a Wired article: Ngozi Pole is systems administrator for Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Massachusetts), whose office runs the only Mac operation on Capitol Hill. Pole administers about 60 Macs and a couple of PCs. “(The Senate) got hit pretty hard by a worm recently,” […]

  • Patriot Act strikes again

    This is insane. A University of Buffalo art professor’s wife dies of cardiac arrest; the police decide his art supplies are bioterrorism weapons; and they confiscate his wife’s body. My only reaction is incoherent sputtering that doesn’t translate well to the written word. You’ll have to read the story yourself.

  • Cronkite at Pomona

    This is powerful stuff. Somebody emailed me a copy of Walter Cronkite’s 2004 commencement address at Pomona University. It contained some pretty blunt observations, such as: We are plagued with the Iraq war — a possibly improving economy — but still a tragically large population of unemployed or under-employed — and an environmental crisis that […]

  • A Good Constitutional Amendment

    In the March 21, 2004 Washington Post, Gene Weingarten wrote a very good column, with his tongue firmly in his cheek, explaining why we need a Constitutional amendment against gay marriage. It’s amusing and worth reading. I’ll respect the Post‘s copyright and not copy it here, but I can’t resist repeating the additional amendment Weingarten […]

  • Beer Good, Condoms Bad

    My boss frequently passes along valuable advice that he finds. Today, I got email from him that said Beer can be good for you MODERATE consumption of beer helped protect the liver from cirrhosis and other diseases, a Spanish researcher said yesterday. When I followed the enclosed link for more information, it turned out to […]