Month: April 2005

  • Rolex Rambling

    This is Rolex weekend. See my Rolex website for a hint about what that means, or accounts of previous events, and, maybe sometime early next week, the story of this year’s event.

  • Don’t Cross Bo

    A few days ago, I hinted about some impending horse news. I’m sure some of my loyal readers have been waiting with bated breath. Your wait is over. At this time, it gives me great pleasure to virtually introduce the latest member of Matt’s Motley Menagerie, an 8-year-old thoroughbred gelding named Don’t Cross Bo, aka […]

  • Spam Bad – Blacklist Good – Filters Worthless

    Okay, more geek stuff. Apologies to the non-geek readers; you’ll just have to wait a few days for more horse news, but I hope it’s worth waiting for. In the never-ending battle against the evil forces of spam, I have put my trust in the goodness of blacklisting, for a number of reasons. Recent experiences […]

  • A Geek’s Delight

    It’s probably a sign that you’re a hopeless geek pathetically in need of a life if you’re the happy recipient of email that says: Regardless of how the rest of your day goes, here’s something to be happy about — today a honey pot you installed successfully identified a previously unknown email harvester… Don’t forget […]

  • Campus Crime

    As spring returns to campus, the Kernel‘s Crime Report begins to look a little more interesting as students come out of hibernation and start feeling the joy of the season. This week’s report is still mostly mundane items like theft, but there are a couple of interesting items.

  • Soul Food?

    t’s good to know Christian charity is alive and well in the good old US of A. A Guardian article reports that malnutrition rates in children under five have almost doubled in Iraq since the US-led invasion. And while those pesky British are just whining about it, folks over here are doing something. Email from […]