Just a brief note to gloat about Scooter Libby’s conviction. It’s ironic that some of the hard-core law-and-order Republicans are starting to talk about pardons. In fact, that jogged my memory a little, reminding me of something I wrote
here almost four years ago. Way back when this story was hardly getting any attention at all, I suggested a somewhat different outcome for the then-unknown villain. But in spite of all his “stay the course, no flip-flop” rhetoric, consistency has never been one of our president’s strong points.

One response to “Pardon?”

  1. Kind of along the same lines . . . I heard that, in the face of impending investigation of several of his right hands, good ‘ole GW is requesting that his Sith lords, such as Karl Rove, be allowed to be interviewed behind locked doors, without recording devices or witnesses and without being under oath. Um, pardon? Isn’t that the point of an investigation? To discover the truth? I mean sure, consumed by the Dark Side Karl Rove is, so I don’t think he would really be worried about lying under oath anyway, but still. Slip the bastard a quadruple dose of truth serum and broadcast the interview live. Now that would be “must see TV”.

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