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It’s not really a new idea; I’ve made similar comments previously. But I still want to give a big high five to my buddy Dennis for this quote:

It must be really tough for candidates for President to come before the American people, and claim that they were … tricked … deceived … misled … by GEORGE BUSH???

I used to have a video of Dennis saying that embedded in this page, but it slowed down the page load so much that I removed it. If you want to see the video, here it is.

The candidates considered to be front-runners for the Democratic nomination are a pretty pathetic lot. Hillary Clinton is a female version of Joe Lieberman, still defending her support for W’s war. She seems to be trying to have it both ways, whining about being “misled” by someone far less intelligent, while refusing to admit her vote was a mistake.

Barack Obama seems to have the media eating out of his hand with his claims of being against the war from the start. They’re so in love with him that they won’t bother to point out the obvious fact that he’s lying. He managed to avoid being tainted by the original authorization vote, since he wasn’t in the Senate at the time. But since his election, he has consistently voted with the Republicans and the spineless Democrats to continue funding the war.

John Edwards, while considered less of a front runner than Hillary and Obama, seems to have a somewhat stronger position. He’s apologizing for his original “mistake”, and as he’s no longer in the Senate, he’s not contaminated by any of those pesky funding votes that should cause problems for the other two, if the media or public paid any attention.

Somehow, in spite of overwhelming public support for ending the war, the front-runners don’t really seem to want to end it. They’ll vote for toothless resolutions saying they don’t like it, but whenever anybody suggests actually ending it, the Republicans shout “Support the troops”, and the Democrats agree that the best way to support the troops is to keep getting them killed.

But at least W can’t keep saying none of the Democrats have suggested an alternative plan. Well, I suppose he can, even though it’s a lie, because the media will let him get away with it. But at least one diligent newspaper editor in New Hampshire knows it’s a lie. The Portsmouth Herald has an interesting report of a conversation between Dennis and W, in which W was made aware that there is at least one alternative plan in Congress. But I suppose as long as the rest of the media refuse to report it, he can continue to claim it doesn’t exist. So, suprising as it may seem, a disappointingly large number of people continue to be ” tricked … deceived … misled … by GEORGE BUSH???

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