Mighty Dog

Maybe it’s Olympic fever in the air. Last weekend, Norm decided to display world-class athletic prowess. I’m not sure whether he was trying out for diving or eventing, but it was an impressive feat, even if I’m not sure it was completely intentional.

I’m not sure of Norm’s breeding. I think he’s half kangaroo. He doesn’t appear to be closely related to any of the traditional aquatic canine breeds (retriever, etc.). But he is strongly (fortunately not yet fatally) attracted to water. It’s practically impossible for him to ignore any amount of water big enough to soak him. Climbing in and out of stock tanks is a favorite pastime.

Saturday we visited my parents, and walked down the road to check out the progress of a bridge reconstruction project. Suddenly, Norm realized there was water where the bridge used to be. And he just had to immerse himself, even if it was a long way down.

I didn’t catch his plunge with the camera, because I hadn’t really been expecting anybody to do anything photogenic. I didn’t even see him take off. I just saw him about halfway between the crane and the water, somehow clinging to the almost sheer wall. It took a couple of seconds for him to realize the only way to go from there was down, and his next leap took him into the water, which was only a few inches deep.

My first thought was that it looked like an awesome water complex on a cross-country course. But then I realized that even 4-star eventers don’t take drops like that. I’m guessing it was over 20 feet. Then I thought it might have been more like a diving competition. But those folks don’t usually plunge that far into water that’s less than knee deep.

Maybe it’s just a new form of extreme dog agility competition. Or maybe it was just a good recovery from an accidental misstep. In any case, it was quite impressive.

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  1. Did he climb out? And did you make him ride in the back of the truck on the way home. Does he like water when shampoo and hose are involved. The dog at my barn would have been saying to Norm “last one in buys the Milk Bones” of course when he gets spread by a skunk you can’t get near him to bath him. You gotta love them dogs!

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