Searching for a sign

I was told this afternoon that my recent musings here have seemed like I’m searching for something, some kind of sign. And then, on the way home, there it was, the sign. Ironically, it’s a sign viewed by thousands of travellers each day, for whom it undoubtedly has a far different meaning than it did for me.

Recently, I decided that since my truck is green, it needs to act green. So I’ve been burning biodiesel in it. This requires an occasional detour from my usual beaten path to find the one truck stop in this area that sells B20. As I travelled this less familiar route this afternoon, I saw a sign which I don’t think I have ever seen before. If I have, its significance never occurred to me.

I was cruising up that stretch of highway outside Lexington where I-64 and I-75 share the same physical pavement. As I reached the junction north of Lexington where 64 and 75 split apart, there was the sign:


Pity the poor hapless tourist suddenly confronted with that sign. In search of the finest that Kentucky has to offer, he is suddenly faced with a choice between our two signature products, horses and Bourbon. The sign says he can’t have it all, and he must choose one or the other. At 70 MPH, hemmed in by traffic, he has scant seconds to choose. Horses? Bourbon? Horses? Bourbon? Maybe his judgment is rattled by the blast of a semi’s air horn as he uncertainly wavers between lanes. Will he make the right choice? Will he eternally lament the road not taken? Will he get squashed by that semi as he hesitates?

For me, the sign represented no such dilemma. On the contrary, it reminded me how blessed I am. As the PowerStroke effortlessly cruised at 75 MPH, with Allison Krauss in the CD player, I had one of Kentucky’s finest thoroughbreds in the trailer behind me, and some of Kentucky’s finest Bourbon in a flask beside me. I didn’t have to choose, I could have it all. And I have the freedom to enjoy horses and Bourbon somewhere far more scenic and less crowded than either of those highways.

Actually, what I’ve been searching for is an excuse to show off these pictures that Jim Lane of
The Photo Lane took a couple of weeks ago. And I think they do provide a sign. If, for some unknown reason, I was ever faced with that terrible choice, and had to choose between Crossbo or a lifetime supply of Bourbon, they leave no doubt what the answer would be.

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