Liberty and Livelihood

Worldwide, on a personal level, I guess I need to be interested in Countryside Alliance ‘Liberty & Livelihood March’
occurring today in London. For those who don’t share my interest in foxhunting, and therefore may be unaware of this issue, the British government is considering a ban on hunting with hounds, and those whose liberty and livelihood is threatened by this are planning one of the largest protests London has ever seen, anticipating crowds of over 300,000.

This may seem to some like much ado over nothing, but it could have a major economic impact on many, not to mention the unpleasant civil liberties ramifications. A clueless article in USA Today even pokes fun at foxhunters for getting their “knickers in a twist” over the issue when there are far more important issues facing the country. The author actually has it backwards; it’s Parliament that’s wasting its time trying to outlaw a way of life instead of dealing with important issues. The foxhunters aren’t the ones setting Parliament’s priorities; they’re the ones complaining about time being wasted on this instead of the real business of government.

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