Sex, Lies, and Politics

The biggest news statewide is, of course, our governor’s embarrassing predicament. For those in more distant locations (or living under a rock), Gov. Paul Patton is following in the footsteps of fellow Democrat, former Pres. Bill Clinton. He’s been sued by a woman claiming he had state regulators shut down her nursing home in retaliation after she quit bonking him.

His first reaction was classic Clinton: “I did not have sex with that woman”. He only stuck to that for a couple of days before holding the classic teary, sobbing news conference confessing to his personal transgressions, apologizing to his family and the public, and assuring us that at no time did he or anyone under his “direct control” abuse the powers of his office. I didn’t hear the press conference, but my father listened and said he had “never heard anybody blubber like that on the radio before!”

Like any good sex scandal, this one has it’s amusing features. Pundits are having a field day with the revelation that his motel meetings with his mistress (with state police security detail waiting in the parking lot) lasted up to five hours. You go, Gov!! Since his political career is probably finished, he might consider peddling the secrets of his stamina, assuming he didn’t stoop to relying on a cigar. Another amusing note was the mention that his girlfriend had a picture of them on his desk, on which he had written “It’s people like Tina Conner that make politics so much fun!” Shux, Gov, and we thought it was just the free Derby tickets! So just how many people like Tina are making politics fun?

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